One Piece 839 – One Piece Manga 839 is Out!

Cracker is a one piece 839 complete beast, honestly I like him a little less knowing that he’s one of those characters who doesn’t like getting hurt at all. But that’s complete overshadowed by his hilarious trollish attitude. Several of his moments had me laughing this chapter, like when he told Luffy that he wasn’t actually spewing blood he was just spitting out some jam xD I still think Luffy will beat him but at least now it’s clear for all the people that were saying Doflamingo > Cracker that they were dead wrong.

one piece 839 chapter

one piece 839 manga

He’s completely insane and I love it. I really wonder how Luffy’s gonna beat him though, it takes a Kong Gun to take just one of them out and from what Cracker said he can keep on creating new ones as many times as he wants with just the wave of his finger. He also said his biscuit sword was unique though when it clearly isn’t 😀 Really hyped for the rest of this fight. But agh we have to wait 2 whole weeks for it. I love that he takes the opportunity of having someone younger than him alongside him to show his superiority. That scene where he told Carrot to call him big bro was incredibly cute. If she joined the Strawhats I think that could be yet another “gag” where Chopper acts like a senpai to her because he’s no longer the youngest. Can’t wait to see Chopper and Carrot working together more this arc, I know I’m going to love all their moments and I really want to see what their roles will be on Whole Cake Island. Nice to see Brook and Pedro again looks like their moving along swiftly with their mission to find the poneglyph. We all know that means they’ll run into trouble soon though. Also I think it’s possible either Carrot and Chopper or Pedro and Brook will at first locate Jinbe’s poneglyph. But who knows. Big Mam genuinely creeped me out this chapter, something about her appearance is just terrifying. Poor Sanji having to see his brothers again, I felt so bad for him when I saw him shivering. Please let Sanji crush the Vinsmokes Oda! Please! I don’t want a hierarchy where the older brothers are stronger; Ichiji > Niji > Sanji > Yonji. I want Sanji > Vinsmokes