Naruto Manga 658 – Madara’s Undeniable Hatred

Madara I will not allow you to collect the beasts, naruto 658 spoiler and naruto 658 scans will came out of course thanks to Ohana and 2ch forum for naruto manga 658 raw and mangapanda for the naruto 658 English scans.

naruto 658 manga

naruto 658 manga

Madara: pathetic (casually dodging Sasuke’s great fireball jutsu) It is so slow I don’t even need to waste my time absorbing it.
Sasuke: It doesn’t matter I will stop you! (He quickly launches another one, followed by a storm of kunai)
Madara: you really are pathetic!
Naruto appears charging to Madara’s back.
Madara spins around and smashes Naruto’s skull savagely sending the hero flying, Naruto lands with a thickening thud: you are all so weak! (he then launches himself at the 4-tails)
All of a sudden MAdara feels the air shimmer and a burst of white light descends from the heavens tearing threw the tailed beasts body creating a massive explosion tossing madara away like a rag doll.
Fodder 1: what the hell was that!
Sasuke smiles: Madara i can’t see you fulfilling your plan now.
Madara glances at sasuke with undeniable hatred: What did you do?
Sasuke: Its called Kirin, and now there are only 8 tailed beasts you plan will not work!
Naruto looks at the dead tailed beast: Son!
Sasuke: don’t be a fool naruto, if that beast didn’t die Madara would’ve became the next 10-tails host, I will kill or do away with anything that will get in the way of the safety of the clan.
Madara: You two, don’t know what type of monster you have woken, up, I will tear you to pieces!

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Naruto 658 Raw – Naruto 658 Spoiler

Black Zetsu really needs to take Obito’s eye The scanned of naruto 658 manga scans will be posted here soon. Watch out for the naruto manga 658 chapter. I will be sharing you guys the upcoming naruto 658 Spoilers.

naruto 658 scan

naruto 658 scan

Its 1 eye in Obito and the other one? Anyway Madara needs both his eyes. I am glad Kishi changed it like this. It makes perfect sense that once he is made human he no longer has ayes as they already in some other body.

On the other hand I have no clue how he got Hashirama blind. Also those black rods? That is a rinnegan ability A rinnegan ability he does no longer have (missing eyes). Some for the rinnegan jutsu shield How can he still use them with no damn eyes?

Naruto could overpower Nagato but Hashi could not do that to Madara? Its true that he is not alive so he is not at full power but I still call it Nagato’s chakra had 0 effect on Naruto Madara completely incapacitated Hashirama.

All in all not a bad chapter but it could have been better.

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Naruto 657 Madara – Alliance and the Bijuu

Madara is simply dancing with the situation read the Naruto 657 English scans online. naruto manga 657 chapter has been released by mangazone. click the naruto 657 scans below to read the whole naruto 657 chapter.
rather than being serious or not When everyone were stuggling against the Juubi, you can say that Madara saw no reason to act because he knew they didn’t have the power to kill the beast and that without Obito he couldn’t revive himself.

naruto 657 manga

naruto 657 manga

When his first attempt at life got thwarted and Obito became the Jinchuuriki, given how Naruto alone managed to press him hard once the Senjutsu weakness was revealed, I doubt that he could have stand much against both Madara and Hashirama going at full power against him.

Since Madara already knew all weaknesses about being the Juubi’s Jinchuuriki, he probably let Obito take a go at it simply because he wanted to test the flaws of his plan before doing it himself. That thing about Naruto ripping out the Bijuu is most likely the reason he wanted to revive the Juubi in his complete form so he saw Obito’s defeat as a mere proof of concept of what he should avoid doing.

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