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I don’t think that arcadios knew he would be safed. He really wants to change something. But still, i don’t really like him…
I wanted to see the Lion in action again, but… oh well. Not really a fan of Aquarius. But Picses was/were nice in the true form, Mother and Son. Mirajane was epic, eating poison… wait, dessert. Pantherlili, don’t know, his fight could have been better.

For Natsu, i don’t really like his mouth so wide open in the lpanel, where he punches his enemy, but his last sentence was still nice. So Wendy. yeah. the Sky-Dragon! So, i really don’t think they were weak, they just got the wrong opponent (like Wendy and Mirajane). Pantherlili was and exception i think. He just sliced through the acid.. Yeah. 1 chapter ago it was said the acid would affect the sword. (or something like that).

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Fairy Tail 310 – Fairy Tail Spoiler

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This chapter was a complete fake out. You can come up with excuses but ultimately there’s no reason Gray won beyond the plot demanding that he do. Seems that towards the end of the manga Fairy Tail always gets to win the day – without even being pushed back particularly.Natsu’s victory was… a tad bit over the top.

Although its fine if we can just skip ahead to the time travel to Zeref’s time. I want to see more hundred foot tall monsters on a rampage. I love how people deny victories to characters and call it plot power. It happened to Natsu destroying Sting and Rouge and now it happens to Gray. If Gajeel had stayed behind, or if they’d run out of the juice needed to maintain DF mode it wouldn’t have been a big deal, but 1 slayer vs 2 DF slayers seemed to be pushing it for the power of friendship win.

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