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Bleach 534 English

Ryuken and Masaki are NOT cousins, learn to read between the lines.. It is fairly obvious that Masaki is merely saying that they are cousins as it would be hard for her to explain why she is living with Ryuken’s family otherwise. Saying something like “my aunt took me in when I was young after my parents’ death” wouldn’t raise as many questions as “I’m living with them because I’m the last Kurosaki quincy and Ryuken’s mother is trying to preserve the pure Quincy blood-line by having me live and train with them and subsequently marry Ryuken”.

Still, I’m curious about how much Isshin actually reported to Yamamoto. If he were to tell them about the strong likelihood of a Shinigami being behind the attack, would they draw the conclusion that Urahara is continuing his hollow experiments in the Human World or suspect that Urahara was innocent after all? Knowing Isshin’s personality, I think it’s far more likely that he’d keep it a secret temporarily and conduct his own research.

In any case, I’m hoping that Kubo is a bit more creative than having Isshin go down in a way similar to Urahara and co., i.e. having him get close to Aizen only for Aizen to set him up and force Isshin to escape. Logically, it should be a lot tougher to escape post-Urahara as SS should have tightened security aftere that incident.


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bleach manga 533

bleach manga 533

Masaki’s supposed badass moment is basically reduced to dumb luck…. An alternative for what transpired could as easily be that masaki was not actually planning on actually surviving a couple more fractions of a second against the hollow but rather she was simply welcoming the sweet embrace of death in a hopeless situation. It was a joke, but i think the reason he killed her (if he is the one who did it) is because he wanted to change Ichigo’s personality before giving him any powers.

This is interesting: The hollow is “black” on the outside but is called “white”, as remarked by Aizen, because it’s white on the inside. If we accept the general theme of shinigami wearing black and quincy white, then we could say the same applies to Ichigo: on the outside, he’s a shinigami, but on the inside, he has quincy power (and we don’t know if the shinigami power didn’t just come from his quincy-like absorption of shinigami power around him – Isshin, Rukia).

Well, whitey just had his brains blown out so I doubt there will be more to the fight. Isn’t this the surefire way to deal with hollows? I think that at this point all we can do is wait for blacky. next part should be when masaki treats ishin as we saw when ishin just started telling the flashback.

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Bleach 532 manga

Bleach 532 manga

At first I was disappointed about the fire type engetsu, it did seem boring. But looking back at ch 406, Issins getsuga had an exploding quality and left behind a smoldering it looks like kubo had the idea from the start. I guess in a way Issin will always play second fiddle to the power of Ryujin Jakka but, arguably hes in a league of his own anyway so maybe its not so bad to have the second strongest (fire type)zanpakuto.

And this hollow had better answer some questions next chapter because his resemblence to Ichigos ‘dead’ hollow state is wayyyy to uncanny to be a goof around by kubo.

What I find interesting is the fact that the Hollow is black, and has his hole covered up. We’ve never seen that before. The only black Hollow we’ve seen was Aizen in his strongest form. So is a black Hollow some sort of super-potent version of Hollows or what?