Naruto 688 – Kakashi take both of his eyes

Kaguya’s arm is severed, but Naruto 688 I’m sure it’s of no consequence. If Naruto can create eyes and reverse inevitable deaths within seconds, I’m sure Kaguya can create an arm with fairly little effort. As strong as Naruto and Sasuke are, I still don’t see them being strong enough to take her down just yet. I think they’re one final powerup away from achieving this, along with whatever the Hokages will soon offer. I know she won’t be brought down with raw power alone though, at least, I should hope not; I’m sure it will be something more strategic and clever than that; a befitting end to the war (If you can call 2 days of fighting a war lol).

naruto 688

naruto 688

A little off topic, but I wonder about Kaguya, Hagoromo, and Hamura’s successors. As most of us remember, Kimimaro’s last name was Kaguya, and was a part of the Kaguya clan. Their specialty was bone creation/manipulation and was exclusive to their clan. I think that is no coincidence. There’s also the unknown Hagoromo clan. I wonder how these clans came to be and what their connection was to those of days past, if any at all. I also wonder how we’ll hear about Kaguya’s back story. She’s said to be a princess, and in one dimension there was a castle. If those dimensions really are remnants of a civilization now lost, I wonder how she became interested in humans and the affairs of man (wars). In the interest of time, I think Hagoromo left out some important details that were seemingly unimportant at the time, due to Naruto and Sasuke’s dire situation. I doubt she’ll be killed off without further elaborating on why she is trying to do the things she is, but she doesn’t seem as open with divulging information like say, Madara. And again, in the interest of time, I don’t know if Hagoromo will deem it important enough to tell the hokages of her past and why she is the way she is (Other than the power she received driving her mad).


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