Naruto 659 Manga – God’s Power

Madara perform medical ninjutsu the latest update on naruto 659 manga. Any moment from now, naruto 659 spoiler and naruto manga 659 scans will came out of course thanks to Ohana and 2ch forum for naruto 659 raw and mangazone for the naruto 659 English scans.

naruto 659 manga

naruto 659

Madara perform medical ninjutsu on himself when his body can heal itself without any further action is retarded. illogicalI won’t call it retarded. It’s just that we’ve seen already that you can reattach body parts with healing techniques, and regeneration pretty much trumps healing techniquees. Tsunade had the lower half of her body re-attached. Madara, assuming his healing is comparable to Hashirama’s (why wouldn’t it be?) would allow the same. Only reason Tsunade couldn’t graft herself back together of her own accord is because she was out of chakra. Madara wasn’t. So putting on a new arm Wait! I just forgot it’s a damned Zetsu arm. It doesn’t even HAVE to follow the same rules of putting in new limbs since it’s a magical mokuton goop. As for the eye, that’s the same as Tsunade hooking her legs back to her spine. Once the eye touched his eye nerves they healed back together. Makes perfect sense to me. Since he gained Mokuton, as well as a larger chakra reserve, both thanks to Hashirama’s DNA. Hashirama’s regeneration isn’t a technique that requires handseals, so neither does Madara’s. If he can use other genetic attributes of Hashirama’s DNA to his benefit there’s no reason to believe he can’t use his healing as well.

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